The Little Yellow Bottle-ebook

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Marwa and Ahmad live in an unnamed country that could be any one of dozens touched by war. While they know that there is a war going on, life in their village goes on largely as normal. Until a day when the two are playing and Ahmad finds a small yellow bottle and out of curiosity picks it up. It explodes, and Marwa describes the aftermath as they recover and struggle to regain hope.

Praise & Recognition


Publication Date: September 1, 2011

Reading Age: 6 - 8

Product Format: E-book – EPUB

Pages: 24

ISBN: 978-1-926920-58-0

About the Author

Angèle Delaunois

Angèle Delaunois is both a children’s author and the founder and publisher of the Quebec-based press Editions de L’Isatis. The author of over forty books for children, she lives in Montreal.
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About the Illustrator

Christine Delezenne

Christine Delezenne created the images for The Little Yellow Bottle using a clever blend of textures, drawings, and collage, which makes them both current and timeless. She lives in Montreal.
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