The Year Shakespeare Ruined My Life

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Shakespeare, love triangles, and a corgi named Princess Sunshine.

Alison Green, desperate Valedictorian-wannabe, agrees to produce her school’s disaster-prone production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Her second big mistake is accidentally saying yes to a date with her oldest friend, Jack, even though she’s crushing on Charlotte, the star of the play.

Praise & Recognition

(D)ebut novelist Jansen crafts a relatable heroine whose anxious first-person narration carries the debut, while the diverse supporting cast rounds it out. Readers will root for Alison as she learns to collaborate, manage others’ expectations, accept failure, and, ultimately, to love. Publisher's Weekly, September 1 2020
In the words of the Bard himself, most wonderful. Kirkus Reviews, June 2020
"Rebecca Auerbach provides near-perfect matches for the eclectic characters in this young adult audiobook.... She also provides fitting character portrayals, especially Alison's wide range of feelings as she experiences more and more stress over the school play. Teen listeners, especially theater fans, will enjoy this production." AudioFile Review

GCLS Literary Young Adult Award 2021 - Winner


Publication Date: September 22, 2020

Reading Age: 13 - 19

Reading Level: Z+

Genre: Teen, Children's Fiction

Product Format: Paperback

Pages: 304

ISBN: 978-1-77260-121-3

Weight: 290

Dani Jansen

About the Author

Dani Jansen

Dani Jansen is a teacher and writer who lives in Montreal. She should probably be embarrassed to admit that she has performed as part of her school’s Glee Club for eight years. She should probably also be ashamed to tell people that she named her cats after punctuation symbols (Ampersand and Em-Dash, in case you're curious). 

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