Under the Iron Bridge

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Praise & Recognition

"(A) tense, exciting adventure about vital resistance. ... An accessible, well-paced story about courageous young people resisting the Nazis."

Kirkus Reviews

"A fast-paced, compelling story."

CM: Canadian Review of Materials

"This well-written, easily understandable portrayal of some events of the Holocaust will be an asset to middle and high school libraries and history teachers."

School Library Journal

"A novel I believe will encourage young people to ask themselves what they would do if faced with the same challenging moral questions these young characters must."

Parry Sound North Star

"Readers will be thoroughly engaged in this exciting, yet fraught, historical fiction novel inspired by the true story of the Edelweiss Pirates... Kathy Kacer continues her skillful, sensitive and informative treatment of Holocaust themed works."

AJL News & Reviews

Forest of Reading Award, Red Maple 2023 - Short-listed

Saskatchewan Young Readers' Choice Award, Snow Willow 2022 - Winner

What does it take to stand up for what’s right?

It’s 1938 in Dusseldorf, Germany, and Paul is feeling pressured to join the Hitler Youth. The last thing he wants to do is march around with a bunch of bullies, but even Paul’s parents think he should go along with his classmates in order to keep himself safe. When Paul meets the Edelweiss Pirates, a group of teenage boys and girls working to undermine the Nazis, he joins their rebel organization instead. Together they sabotage the Third Reich and rescue Jews wherever they can. But during the terrifying violence of Kristallnacht, Paul must step out of the shadows and make a life-changing decision. Inspired by the true story of the Edelweiss Pirates, a group that declared “Eternal War on the Hitler Youth.”

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Publication Date: October 12, 2021

Reading Age: 12 - 14

Genre: Teen, Children's Fiction

Product Format: Paperback

Pages: 232

ISBN: 978-1-77260-205-0

Kathy Kacer

About the Author

Kathy Kacer

Kathy Kacer’s books have won a number of awards, including the Silver Birch and the Jewish Book Award. A former psychologist, Kathy now travels the globe speaking to children and adults about the importance of keeping the memory of the Holocaust alive. Kathy lives in Toronto with her family.

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