When Mom's Away-ebook

By Layla Ahmad

Illustrated By Farida Zaman

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The Covid-19 pandemic, which seems to be taking some time to go away, has meant big changes for one little girl’s family.

Things are changing for one little girl whose mom is a busy doctor. When her mom has to be in quarantine—sleeping on a cot in their garage to keep the family safe from the virus—the girl does her best to be brave. She and her dad spend time together, she goes to school online, and she helps her grandparents too…making sure to wave so they know it's her! They join their neighbours outside to thank the doctors and nurses around the world for their hard work. But of course the highlight of the day is when mom comes home, and they wave to each other through the window. A great story to inspire hope and confidence in both little ones and big ones when times may seem uncertain.

Praise & Recognition

When Mom’s Away is a heartwarming, relatable story that would make for an excellent addition to any school or home library. CM: Canadian Review of Materials


Publication Date: April 20, 2021

Reading Age: 6 - 8

Product Format: E-book – EPUB

Pages: 24

ISBN: 978-1-77260-225-8

Layla Ahmad

About the Author

Layla Ahmad

Layla Ahmad was born in Toronto and spent her childhood in New Jersey. She has been a voracious reader and writer since she could wield a pencil, which shaped her love of storytelling. She wants to write for those who feel unseen. Layla loves consuming all forms of media, cooking different pasta sauces, and feels best understood by her dog, Pippa.

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Farida Zaman

About the Illustrator

Farida Zaman

Farida Zaman has illustrated several children’s picture books, as well as illustrated for educational publications. Her distinct but versatile style is seen on stationary, gift cards, jigsaw puzzles and home décor too. Farida works from her home studio in Toronto. Her favourite medium is watercolour, gouache and Procreate!

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