Year of the Carrot

By Madeleine S. Hart

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Defend the carrots!

Leonie McGregor is sick of carrots. Who wouldn’t be if you grew up on a carrot farm? But Leo’s dad is obsessed with them. He breeds carrots the way some people breed prized poodles.

A series of events leads Leo to suspect someone is after her dad’s one-of-a-kind carrot seeds. With the help of her best friend Sara, Leo begins to narrow down the suspects. Is it their organic farmer neighbor who everyone calls “the Hippie”? Or maybe spies sent by the government who think her dad’s special carrots might really be worth something!

Even though Leo has lots of things to do on the farm—like fixing her super awesome dirt bike—it’s up to her to save her dad’s carrots!

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Publication Date: March 4, 2025

Reading Age: 9 - 12

Product Format: Paperback

Pages: 180

ISBN: 978-1-77260-415-3

Weight: 200

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