Just Lucky

Just Lucky


By Melanie Florence


There’s nothing lucky about your family falling apart.

Fifteen-year-old Lucky loves her grandparents. True, her grandmother forgets things, like turning the stove off, or Lucky’s name, but her grandfather takes such good care of them that Lucky doesn’t realize how bad things are…until she loses her grandfather and is left caring for her grandmother on her own. When her grandma sets the kitchen on fire, Lucky can’t hide what’s happening any longer, and she is sent into foster care. She quickly learns that some families are okay. Some aren’t. And some really, really aren’t. But none of these places is home. And they’re certainly not family.


About the Author

Melanie Florence is an award-winning writer of Cree and Scottish heritage who has written multiple books for young readers. She is the author of the award-winning picture book Stolen Words, which she wrote in honour of her grandfather. Her biography of Jordin Tootoo was an American Indian Library Association Honor Book, and her picture book Missing Nimama won the TD Canadian Children’s Literature Award. Melanie lives with her family in Toronto.

Product Information

  • Release: September 17 2019

  • $13.95 Paperback

  • 288 Pages

  • 5.5 x 8.25

  • Teen Fiction

  • Ages 13-18 / Grades 8-12

  • ISBN: 9781772601046


  • Character Education
    > Friendship & Family
    > Bullying
    > Prejudice & Tolerance

  • Reflecting Diversity
    > Indigenous
    > Foster Children